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New Promo pic for Happy Hour

Here’s me and my co host Bob Guiney

Hey Welcome to My New Site!!!

Hey everyone, welcome to my new site1
I wanted to make a site that allowed me to be interactive with my fans and put you guys (the fans) 1st!
there will be TONS of updates,news pics,exclusive vids,but the coolest things are
I get to video chat w/ you directly and I will be streaming live from my phone soon to give you and inside look in my personal life and all the craziness in it.
I will announce when ill be going on video chat through my twitter,so follow me
it will be an open forum and will allow you to ask me anything.

we are working out the kinks w/ the live streaming,but it should be ready soon.

let me know what you guys think of the site. A BIG thank you to Fan Annex! Please follow them at

Thank you very much!! Spread the word to your friends

catch you soon on my video chat!


P.S. Dont forget to tune in daily to Playboy’s Happy Hour on Sirus XM Ch 102.